Coaching for Today's Woman

"Every woman has to listen to her own inner voice to find her identity in the changing world. She must create, out of her own needs and abilities, a new life plan."

Betty Friedan

Why coaching for today's woman? Over the years I was honoured to work with some amazing individuals- both women and men. Early in my career, I began to notice the majority of my clients were women and many expressed how they felt safe, respected and valued throughout our coaching relationship. This pattern led me to focus my passion and work on Coaching for Today's Woman.

Based on that conclusion I began to realize what I bring to the coaching relationship is not gender specific. There are men in our society that will greatly benefit and find value in what I bring as a coach to the coaching experience and relationship. Therefore my work is about the human being, embracing both the feminine and the masculine.

I came across the book "The Feminine Mystique" by Betty Friedan that highlighted many of the experiences and challenges still facing men and women today. The notion that women have specific roles in our society conflicts with the notion that we are all equal human beings and significant contributors to our social construct. Betty Friedan's work is also an inspiration and influence for the focus of Coaching for Today's Woman.

"Neither her husband nor her children, nor the things in her house, nor sex, nor being like all the other women can give her a self."

Betty Friedan

Client Testimonial

"I didn't feel like I was seeing a therapist, the relationship was more intimate than that, and yet it had structure and a protocol that I respected throughout our time together.

Your deep commitment to the process reflected the feeling that you were invested in this process and partnership as much as I was, every step of the way. The enthusiasm and newness you generated as each new session started, the probing, the insightful questions, the silences, the deep warmth and acceptance, the ability to be so present to wherever I was, created a sacred space for me to discover more about myself than I ever could have imagined...

In this process, I also acknowledge that I chose to be fully open, to fully grow. I acknowledge my courage, my insight, my own inner wisdom, my ability to let you in and help guide me...I acknowledge my own beauty, my goodness, my huge heart full of love."

Nancy DePutter, Certified Yoga Instructor