Coaching Programs

Coaching programs are designed to allow you to focus on personal growth and more specifically, what you bring to the coaching relationship. Each client's coaching program is tailored to satisfy his/her needs and aspirations.

The initial step of the coaching relationship is designing and establishing the foundations of our work together which normally spans the first month.

We will explore how you want to be coached and the tools and structures we will use throughout. Most of this session is dedicated to the discovery process where we learn how to be with each other.

During our coaching process the conversations will continue to be very direct and personal.

You can count on me to be honest and straightforward, asking clarifying questions and making empowering requests. I honour the space we share; therefore, our relationship is completely confidential. This sacred place is where we witness the unfolding of your life journey.

"As your Life Coach, my goal is to build and establish an intimate, authentic and safe relationship that helps to both empower and engage you in a dynamic and active coaching process."

Michael Duhaney

Client Testimonial:

"I am honored to provide Michael with a recommendation! I hired Michael in January 2008 as a coach and was amazed at the results I achieved. I went from feeling like I was second-class in some of the areas of my life to stepping fully into my power. Thanks so much Michael! I would completely recommend you to my friends and have already done so!"

Tammie Ross

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