What Brings me Joy

I tend to find joy in the simple and often overlooked elements that life offers. I feel at my best and most in-tune with the life force within when immersed in nature. A few things that I do to help me unwind, de-stress and experience joy include:

A good walk along a beach where I can appreciate my surroundings by surrendering to the movements and sounds of the waves and breathing in the fresh air and all that is around me.

Flying a kite in a seemingly endless sky garnished with soft white clouds softly floating by.

Taking time to go within and experiencing the gifts of life through meditation.

Playing and moving to the pulsating rhythms and resonance of the drum.

Experiencing the day come alive during an early morning run as the freshness of the air greets me on the winding trails.

Going on an adventure with Mother Nature and capturing her majesty through my camera lens.

Stopping where I am and feeling nature's magnificence. It's always there.

Creating and preparing a meal that brings nourishment and (hopefully) pleasure to others.

Dancing, dancing and a little more dancing helps me to tune in and connect with mind, body and spirit.