My Spiritual Journey

I began my pursuit of self-knowledge early in life. As a youngster, I often found myself asking: Who am I? Do I have a purpose here? If I do, what is it...?

During my quest for depth and meaning, I heard of a teacher/master who had a calming way of guiding individuals to inner peace that exceeds all understanding. He called it "Knowledge of Self."

My desire for self-knowledge refused to surrender and by the time I was eighteen I decided to explore my inner calling and later would spend eight years of my life in an Ashram.

I dedicated my Ashram journey to discovering my path of inner peace, tranquility and service. I learned and continue to believe that through peace we will find true contentment, success, abundance and joy.

I am filled with gratitude to have met Prem Rawat more than thirty five years ago. Prem continues to travel the globe sharing his messages of peace. If you are curious and would like to learn more about his teachings check out: