My Life Journey

Like a river meandering through its landscape, so is my life journey. The oldest of thirteen siblings, in a culture where children are often raised by their extended families, my mother sent me to live with my aunt at a young age. While living with her we frequently visited many different communities as my aunt was the resident Principal in many schools. She was not only a teacher and Principal, but she was a philanthropist of sorts, taking in children of families that were struggling to make ends meet. My experiences with my aunt helped me develop my ability to cope and understand the human condition. It was an important lesson for me.

Divorcing twice and a single dad for most of my son's life provided some of my most transformative experiences and teachings. Now, well into the mature years of life, I celebrate and appreciate each life lesson by choosing to live in the understanding and comfort of who I am.

Integrity, transparency and an active relationship with self are the core values that guide me on my on-going path of self-awareness. I once heard that a step taken in a river can never be duplicated; the perpetual flow and movement will not allow it. I often think of this analogy as I experience my life continuing and unfolding, never being the same.