Michael Duhaney... My Story:

What Brought me to Coaching

I discovered life coaching well into a career as a Distribution Sales Representative and eventual Manager in the satellite communication industry. It was during these fifteen years of my career that I really began to notice how poorly we, as people, treat and communicate with each other. This general lack of respect inspired and motivated me to transition my career focus into the field of human development.

Life coaching presented a perfect medium for me to focus my passion to affect the world in a positive way. Since then, I've successfully graduated as a Trained Professional Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute (www.thecoaches.com) and also from their world renowned Co-Active Leadership Development training. The knowledge and skills that I acquired during my studies are ideal compliments to my spiritual path and training. As a life coach, I aim to encourage, motivate, and inspire the human heart to choose a purposeful life rooted in love and free of fear.