Leadership for Today's Woman and Man

Leadership is a space where nothing is left unsaid. It is about establishing healthy relationships with oneself and with others. It focuses on how we communicate and our ability and willingness to ask for help.

Leadership is an intimate and dynamic process that influences and transforms all types of relationships - personal, business partnerships, family, teams and community.

Leadership is a transparent way of being that facilitates effective communication, a trusting environment, and easier management of difficult situations.

Hand-To-Hand Global Leadership:

Hand-To-Hand Global Leadership creates and delivers transformational self leadership programs for youth and adults throughout the world. We are committed to a movement that fundamentally shifts the essence of leadership development to one where individuals live courageously and lead fiercely from the heart.

We believe Leadership is personal. It must be personal in order for it to be compelling enough to sustain itself. First we must learn what it means to lead ourselves before we can take our leadership out into the world. Once we have achieved that, then wherever we choose to lead, whether it's in our own family, community, society, country, or world- we will be powerful beyond measure. And there is nothing more glorious and important than that.

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"Thank you very much for your diligent efforts on our behalf over the past six months.

When we first spoke, I explained that we had grown rapidly over the past five years and were about to make a major expansion in space, personnel and equipment. However I was concerned about the amount of time and energy that we in management were expending on seemingly petty personnel issues. At times it felt almost like a daycare. I have always been a "soft" manager who believed that employees would do a good job out of personal pride instead of a lot of yelling and threats, and it follows that over time, we selected employees who believed that as well. None the less, the environment we had somehow created was standing in our collective way.

Your efforts, through both group and individual sessions, have made a remarkable difference in our working environment. Our employees have been shown how to choose personal goals, and that working together as a team is the surest way to achieve those goals.

I believe our investment in your services has already seen tangible dividends through increased productivity and decreased stress in all our employees."

Yours truly,
Paul Luksts
Maple Leaf Millwork Co.

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