The Coaching Relationship

Establishing a relationship with a Life Coach is a powerful tool that helps us move in the direction of our goals and aspirations. Coaching presents an effective way to support our journey of self discovery, maintain balance and facilitate sustainable growth. Using a transformative approach, life coaching allows clients to be fully involved and engaged in their lives.

Each coaching relationship is based on a design where we collaborate to create a dynamic space of trust and safety to support you on your personal journey. Together, we experience the essence of the coaching relationship - life transformation.

The coaching relationship is an intimate process that uses specific tools to uncover core values, explore limiting beliefs and expand the human capacity to make powerful choices.

I look forward to co-creating a coaching relationship with you.  Please contact me for an Introductory Coaching Session. (519) 282-6458
*Sessions available in person, by telephone and virtually

Client Testimonial:

"I was at a challenging point in my life, somewhat desperate, perhaps it was my midlife crisis. Thank you Michael for helping me through some of my darkest hours; you were that individual that entered my life and touched me in a way more positively than any other. A powerful transformation is still taking place in my life that began with our sessions.

Working through the time with Michael has been an amazing experience! So much has changed; my "dance" of life has changed! I have become more positive, more proactive, and action oriented. I am more aware of how connected all my thoughts, feelings and actions are all intricately related.

I realize that I am directly responsible for how I feel. My outlook influences how I choose to be. It is freeing to realize that I am more confident, happier, pro-active, and clear about what I really want. I know much more about myself and how I can build brighter, bolder, clearer days now and into my future.

I now look at possible failures as feed-back. I will be forever grateful for everything I learned from Michael. He made me feel very relaxed, and he helped me to face my anxieties and calmed by fears through many and varied techniques.

Michael is contagious, inspirational and passionately committed to my goals.

Michael, you've influenced and inspired me to accept myself and be comfortable enough to just be and these realizations have empowered me to have the life that I want by simply be me. I, thank you for your insight, wisdom, wit and tools to help me "dance"! And through this journey I've become friends with myself.

So, thank you Michael from the bottom of my heart!!"

Rosalind MacDonald

"The coaching relationship is like inviting me to talk a walk with you. I have no idea where we are going and wherever we end up, I hold that to be revered. This is where we stand together in witness of who you are."

Michael G. Duhaney