December 2011 - January 2012

Posted by Michael G. Duhaney on 15 May 2011 | 2 Comments

Expressions by Denise Young

Relationships are a necessary part of life that we don’t always get right. Nonetheless we emerge from one and move on to the next as fate allows. In so doing, we must be able to recognize the lessons of nature, make short our hour of mourning, and humbly embrace the chance to try again.

The day after

I know you’ve been used and abused
I know you feel ashamed and regret
Regret the day you said I do, I will, I can, I might
I know that time goes by and change never comes
I know that sometimes in a moment’s clip
You reflect and direct your attention to
The foolish ways, love-struck days and
Temperamental movement of the sun

I know you think it’s hard to surpass
Those alone days, contemplative ways that
You sat and mourned your superficial loss
But time goes by and seasons change and you
Hum to the beat of a new drum

There are things that waken and are awaitin’
To the shiver the life back to your worn out soul
So don’t be hatin’ it’s no longer frustratin’
You’ve seen the last of that philandering bum

Put on that frock
Spruce up your locks!
Step into a new chapter of love

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