August - September 2010

Posted by Michael Duhaney on 16 August 2010 | 1 Comments

Expressions by Jenny De Miranda

“If moment by moment, you can keep your mind clear then nothing can confuse you.”
Michael shared these words with me during one of our earlier sessions. At the time, the words provoked me enough to scribble them down on the neat pile of notes that accompanies me on all of my virtual sessions with him. A short while later I found myself organizing my workspace when I stumbled across the small (yet mighty) morsel of wisdom again.
“If moment by moment, you can keep your mind clear, then nothing can confuse you.”

I read the quotation and slowly, purposely, I stopped all that I was doing, grounded my feet along all four corners and breathed in the salty sweet ocean air blowing in through the windows of my apartment. It tingled my insides. I breathed again, closed my eyes, hung out with the sensations until they unified themselves like a tube of energy running along my spine, working its way through the stress, the nonsense, the debris that often nibbles on my physical vehicle when a deadline is nearing. I inhaled deeper. My arms rose naturally, instinctively, almost as if every breathe was filling my limbs with lightness and buoyancy. For how long I continued stopped, doing nothing, breathing, just being, I am unsure. Certainly long enough to find, feel and connect with my core, if only for a short while and to feel better.

“If moment by moment, you can keep your mind clear then nothing can confuse you” is now scribbled on sticky note that hangs on my bathroom mirror. Some days, I ignore the message but more often, reading it reminds me to take a moment to breathe and to just be. I’d like to thank Michael for helping me learn a seemingly small but significant lesson.

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  • What a wonderful message. I am going to write that one down as well. Interestingly, I just finished writing something, and as I did so I too lifted my arms instinctively to just breathe in and refresh myself. Our instincts will lead us well, when we listen to them.

    Posted by Sheila Stevenson, 06/09/2010 8:43am (9 years ago)

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